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Stay informed and inspired with the latest issue of Freedom’s Champion, the digital magazine by Atlas Network. Our publication celebrates significant advancements in the worldwide freedom movement, showcasing the outstanding efforts of our partners around the globe.

Atlas Network is the only international organization supporting independent foundations promoting free enterprise and individual rights. Instead of merely providing aid, we build capacity for local initiatives, empowering communities to create lasting change.

 Each issue of Freedom’s Champion highlights our partners' inspiring stories and groundbreaking initiatives. These stories are at the heart of our mission and propel our efforts forward.

 Our summer 2024 edition offers insights and perspectives on how our partners are advancing liberty and prosperity in their communities. From judicial reforms in Bulgaria to empowering young leaders in Asia, our magazine offers unique perspectives on the fight for freedom.

Read about inspiring stories:

  • Who Moved the Overton Window in Argentina?: You’ll take a tour of the liberty movement Atlas Network is supporting in Argentina and learn how our local partners prepared their country, long known for big government, to make dramatic pro-free enterprise reforms after the election of the libertarian firebrand, Javier Milei.

  • Bringing New Life to the Bayou: You’ll meet an Atlas Network partner right here in the U.S. and find out how we’re helping Louisiana’s Pelican Institute cut some of the worst red tape in the country for workers and entrepreneurs in the Bayou State.

  • Bulgaria’s Judicial Reforms: You’ll read about the latest victories over communist ideology in Bulgaria, where our partners at the Institute for Market Economics are dismantling judicial policies that date back to the country’s era of Soviet domination.

  • Leading the Charge for Liberty and Free Markets in India: You’ll learn about more than 25 years of exceptional achievements by the groundbreaking Indian liberty advocate Parth Shah, and how he and his team at the Centre for Civil Society used lessons from Atlas Network to improve more than one billion lives in the world’s most populous country.

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