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In order to advance prosperity around the world, it is critical to generate significant breakthroughs for the freedom movement now—and in the years ahead. While there is undoubtedly more work to do, Atlas Network takes time to celebrate these breakthroughs by several well-known and up-and-coming organizations in our magazine, Freedom’s Champion. By focusing on supporting and promoting local, rather than global, organizations, Atlas Network is able to make an even bigger impact, faster. These are some of the stories of inspiration that make our work possible. 

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Inside this latest issue, you’ll explore a world of these amazing people who share your love of liberty. And you’ll hear inspiring stories of impact that celebrate excellence in expanding freedom, including:

  • Dr. Carol Gandolfo fights corruption in Arizona and works to heal her community with help from the Goldwater Institute.

  • Mohamad Machine-Chian’s inside view of how he helped build the movement for individual rights and democracy in Iran, despite facing political persecution and threats to his life.

  • Atlas Network’s Jennifer Porter interviews world traveler and freedom advocate Marion Mitchell to discuss why she joined the Fisher Legacy Society, Atlas Network’s planned giving program.

  • Brad Lips, CEO of Atlas Network, remembers the legendary investor Sir John Templeton, who pioneered philanthropy focused on curing poverty, instead of merely treating it.

If you’re interested in learning more about the work being done to support free societies and classical liberal values worldwide, you’ll want to read this magazine. 

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